GMRS Radios & Accessories

For the absolute beginner to Radio Communications, those not familiar with how to program a two-way radio and are interested in getting a start with GMRS, or someone who is just looking for a compact unit with quick easy set-up we recommend the Midland line of General Mobile Radio Service radios as they are factory programed to the GMRS radio frequencies and require very little setup for use of repeaters. For those of you more familiar with G.M.R.S and are more advanced in radio programming, there are more feature-rich G.M.R.S radios listed here as well by Baofeng, B-Tech, and Retevis that we find to be pretty good radios for the price point.

For more information on any of these products you can visit our reviews section or the manufacture’s website’s. Below are our Amazon affiliate links to purchase any of our recommended products, using these links to make a purchase does not cost you (the buyer) anything extra, you are still receiving the listed amazon price, however for every purchase made from our links we get a small percentage of the sale which helps us keep this site active and the information we provide as up to date as possible and allows us to buy new products as they are released to fully and rigorously test and review for you, it also helps with other daily operational expenses for Northeast Wisconsin Communications Network.

General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) Radios

General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) Radio Accessories


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