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For the Family Radio Service we recommend the 22 channel Midland and Motorola line of radios, to see why visit our reviews section on FRS Radios. Here is our list of recommended Family Radio Service radios. NOTE: We have included some other manufactures if Motorola is not your thing however we have not reviewed these products and strongly discourage the use of FRS radios with claims of more than 22 channels. This list is comprised of our Amazon affiliate marketing links so if you click on a link it will take you outside of our domain and directly to Amazon’s site where you can choose to purchase the radio if you so desire, this means that the entire purchasing process is done through amazon not NEWCOM. These links are tracked by amazon affiliate marking through the amazon associates program and specially created links to amazon and by the use of cookies so make sure you have cookies enabled in order to use the links properly. Please keep in mind that by using these links you are NOT paying any more or less than the Amazon listed price, however NEWC will make a small commission off of the sale and those commissions even though small, help to offset our daily operational expenses and web hosting costs and by doing so helps us focus more on bringing you the best and most up to date reviews and information as possible.

Family Radio Service (FRS) Radios


Family Radio Service (FRS) Radio Accessories


Non-Recommended Radios

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