Midland – MXT105 MicroMobile Review

The Midland MTX105 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio is compact measuring in at 0.85″H x 4″W x 3.25″L allowing it to mount easily in most modern Cars, SUV’s, and Crossovers. The radio is powered by an included 12v DC power adapter but can also be direct wired to the fuse panel and a ground point or the vehicle battery if mounted in an automobile for mobile use or, you could also use this radio as a base station and power it off a 12v AC/DC Power Converter / Power Supply.

The Midland MXT105 is a good option for a low-power short range GMRS Solution for everyday use around the Farm/Homestead, Neighborhood, or for Emergency Communications within a Neighborhood EmCom Radio Network. This unit would be good for emergency communications at the neighborhood level as it has all 15 GMRS simplex Channels (CH’s 1-7 / 15-22 with 8-14 reserved for FRS) at a maximum power output of 5 Watts. This unit combined with a unity gain Antenna system such as the Tram-Browning BR-6140 450MHz–470MHz Pretuned Land Mobile Fiberglass Omni Base Antenna or the Laird Technologies – 450-470 MHz Unity Gain Quarterwave Antenna would work great for cross communications with FRS units (on the 7 GMRS/FRS 462 MHz interstitial channels) in the field during an Emergency event requiring an EmCom Radio Network to be established. This radio can be set up as either a Mobile unit in a vehicle like a car, SUV, or even an ATV for short nearby road patrols, or as a small short range base station that would communicate to field units and report Intel back to the net controller of a larger wide area coverage net on GMRS in the emergency management staging area in a crises situation.

A word from the Manufacture

Put 5-Watts of GMRS power in your vehicle or build out your own GMRS base station with the Midland MICROMOBILE® GMRS two-way radio. This radio boasts double the range of traditional handheld GMRS two-way radios (walkie talkies). It is easily mounted in most vehicles with a DC adapter and communicates with all GMRS radios. Now featuring a gunmetal faceplate and NOAA weather alert channels.

Full 5W Radio + External Magnetic Mount Antenna for extended range

15 High and Low Power (GMRS) Channels *FCC License Required

142 Privacy Codes to block other conversations

Radio Dimensions: .85″ x 4″ x 3.25″

Channel Scan (to monitor radio activity) with Controlled Frequency Synthesizer

High-Grade Microphone

Silent Operation when beeps/tones are not desired

Flip-Frame Detachable Mount to install on or under dash; also allows slide-out removal of radio while bracket remains mounted

High Contrast (backlit) LCD for daylight or night use

12 V Car Power DC adapter (included)

Midland MICROMOBILE™ MXT105 also provides other features, including: Auto-Squelch, Monitor Mode, NOAA weather channels, Keypad Lock, Keystroke Tones, External Speaker Jack, and Digital Volume controls.

Compatible with Midland FRS/GMRS radios

10 NOAA weather channels with weather scan

GMRS License Required


*Compatible with Midland FRS/GMRS walkie talkies.

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