Northeast Wisconsin Communication Network (N.E.W.C) is a network of volunteers run by me, Robert Michaud, using General Mobile Radio Service (G.M.R.S), Citizens Band Radio Service (C.B.R.S), Mulit-Use Radio Service (M.U.R.S), Family Radio Service (F.R.S), and Amateur Radio Service (A.R.S) as well as other wired and wireless technologies bridging the gap between the everyday citizen and emergency services for special events such as natural or man-made disasters.

I have a long history and extensive background in Radio Frequency (RF) technology as well as Audio and Video (A/V). I have been a Radio hobbyist for over 30 years and hold three valid radio license issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). I have 6 years of experience as a Security Technician for a $4.6 Billion annual revenue Transportation Industry Company, and 4 years experience as a Design Engineer in the cable television / internet service provider industry designing both  “RF” Radio Frequency/Coaxial Cable and Fiber Optic for both inside and outside plant.

Our network of Engineers,Technicians, and Communicators as a whole has decades of knowledge and experience in the communications, networking, and security fields making NEWC a great resource for EmComm information, training, and resources with “REAL” gear reviews and suggestions for the “REAL” operator, we will not suggest a product simply because a MFR wants us to promote a certain product, please keep in mind we are an “Amazon Affiliate” so we are not promoting products for any specific equipment or gear manufacture and we do our absolute best to be unbiased on all of our reviews and equipment recommendations.

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